Jay Warren

Jay Warren, a Managing Director with Sheridan Road Financial, delivers highly personalized financial planning, client portfolio management and estate planning services to individuals and high net worth families.  Jay believes a successful client partnership is built upon two key principles:  putting the client’s interests first and providing exceptional personal service.

Jay believes strongly in the benefit of financial planning for his clients, and he learned the value of a well-structured financial plan when his father passed away unexpectedly.  During this difficult time, the family was not burdened with financial worries concerning their home or paying for college due to the solid plan his father had in place.  This experience motivated Jay to help clients build detailed financial plans to ensure they are prepared to handle unforeseen challenges. 

By working through the financial planning pyramid, Jay helps clients make smart choices about wealth accumulation, distribution and succession strategies in pursuit of their goals.  Each level of the pyramid should be addressed in order for a client to have a comprehensive financial plan.  Clients build a strong base of protection using a combination of life, disability and long-term care insurance to reinforce their investment and estate planning in the event of an unexpected event.  Jay develops custom solutions to assist clients in the transition from the accumulation to the distribution phase of the financial lifecycle, analyzing in great detail the client’s sustainable sources of income, such as social security or pensions, to determine the level of supplemental income necessary to meet their annual goal.  He works diligently to implement plans that can allow clients to live the lifestyle they desire without outliving their resources.  

Jay has 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, most notably with Mass Mutual and Smith Barney, where he was a financial advisor prior to joining Sheridan Road Financial in 2007.  He earned the Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) designation which demonstrates his commitment to offering clients the most practical and current strategies to generate lifelong retirement income.  In addition, Jay earned an MBA in Marketing from Loyola University in Chicago and a BBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Jay enjoys spending time with his family and staying active by working out and cycling.  As a student-athlete at University of Wisconsin, he was a member of the D1 tennis team.  He also volunteers at the Equestrian Connection in Lake Forest, assisting with their therapeutic riding program for children and adults with special needs.  Leading this active lifestyle has taken a toll on Jay physically, and he has had a variety of surgeries to repair torn shoulders and knees, as well as hip replacements.  He perseveres despite the setbacks and appreciates his well-earned nickname of “the Bionic Man.”

Jay Warren
d: 224-765-0786
e: jwarren@sheridanroad.com