Sheridan Road Financial to Launch National Choose Your Day!


Chicago, IL – September 18, 2018 – Sheridan Road Financial, LLC, one of the nation’s largest independent investment consulting and private wealth firms will launch National Choose Your Day on Friday April 12, 2019 to highlight the importance of early retirement planning for all Americans, regardless of their account balance or investment knowledge. The National Choose Your Day will take place on the last day of National Retirement Planning Week® held each April.

National Choose Your Day was the outgrowth of simple observation: although most Americans select important days on which milestones occur (such as graduating from college, getting married or buying a house), they often do not have the luxury of choosing the day when they can retire. “Milestone days mark significant life moments when people make profound decisions about their lives,” noted Sheri Fitts, Chief Marketing Officer for Sheridan Road. “The retirement industry as a whole has taken great strides in recent years to develop investment strategies and methodologies that aim to improve our ability to help people forecast when they are able to retire. Still, many Americans have nothing saved for retirement,” she added.

With the support of industry partners and other investment organizations, Sheridan Road will promote and celebrate National Choose Your Day through its client base and beyond to emphasize how retirement is just as important a milestone and requires just as much engagement as other major life events. “With access to so much information about the ‘best way to retire’ — some of it good, some of it not very helpful — people need a simple way to visualize their retirement planning activity. We think National Choose Your Day empowers people to take actions today that lead towards better retirement outcomes tomorrow,” Fitts concluded. 


About Sheridan Road

Founded in 2005, Sheridan Road Financial, which works with institutions, private individuals and families throughout the United States, is independently owned and does not create or distribute any proprietary products. Sheridan Road has nearly $13 billion in assets under advisement as of 12/31/17 and serves more than 300,000 individuals through its retirement plan and wealth management practices.

Sheridan Road exists to help Americans choose their day! We do this by striving to be the premier institutional investment consulting and private wealth firm that consciously leads others on a sound financial path. The company strives to make a positive impact on the lives of its team members, clients and the communities that it serves.


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