Risk Management

As part of a broad investment management strategy, risk management plays a critical role. Sheridan Road’s Risk Management Platform includes the entire spectrum of life insurance and annuity products. As licensed life and health insurance professionals, we understand that risk management must be viewed within the framework of an individual’s overall financial picture. Insurance and annuities underwritten or purchased without this perspective can be misguided and problematic. Our independence provides Sheridan Road with the ability to work with any insurance or annuity carrier – we are not product-centric – and that independence allows us one of the most important tools an advisor can have, and that is “perspective”. Sheridan Road has advised on a variety of situations ranging from introductory or add-on policies, to complex $100 million policies created for estate/tax planning purposes.

  • Each client’s unique situation of assets, liabilities and cash flow will be reviewed in determining desirable coverage levels.
  • Attitudes and tolerances for taking risk, both personal and investment, will be factored into our recommendations.
  • Time frames will be considered, both before a likely event and after it, in determining the financial preparation needed and the financial impact resulting later.
  • Unnecessary expenses will be recommended for discontinuance and weakness in coverage will be clearly explained.