Retirement Planning

There is more than $9 trillion in retirement assets in the U.S., however, the average 401(k) balance in this country is less than $60,000. Compounded by the uncertainty of social security, rising medical costs, and the prospects of higher taxes, there is a need to be better prepared for retirement. Retirement planning is often the most important part of the financial planning strategy and Sheridan Road dedicates a significant amount of time on a client’s retirement plan.

Sheridan Road creates a retirement plan that is often a standalone analysis. The analysis considers all personal, employer and government resources that ultimately comprises retirement income. Sheridan Road has the ability to customize the plan to project current expenses using various economic assumptions, while adjusting for variable items that will not be present during retirement (e.g. mortgages) or increasing areas of desired life quality (e.g. travel).  Funding and investment strategies will be recommended, including current and future taxation considerations. We also spend a considerable amount of time evaluating the appropriate way to distribute previously tax-deferred assets.