Estate Planning

Sheridan Road will analyze current estate plans for suitability to state and federal law and consider the appropriateness of various trusts and distribution methods to your situation, as we seek […]

Tax Planning

Sheridan Road will review investments and portfolios for strategies that could reduce current taxable income. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various tax deferral methods, as they fit […]

Risk Management

As part of a broad investment management strategy, risk management plays a critical role. Sheridan Road’s Risk Management Platform includes the entire spectrum of life insurance and annuity products. As licensed life […]

Educational Planning

Education costs have risen significantly faster than inflation. Because of these escalating costs, education planning has become a high priority for parents. Sheridan Road analyzes our client’s education funding needs based upon […]

Retirement Planning

There is more than $9 trillion in retirement assets in the U.S., however, the average 401(k) balance in this country is less than $60,000. Compounded by the uncertainty of social security, […]

Financial Planning

Sheridan Road provides comprehensive financial planning services customized to all our clients. Sheridan Road specializes in developing a detailed assessment of our client’s financial situation, understanding their goals and objectives and […]