Estate Planning

Sheridan Road will analyze current estate plans for suitability to state and federal law and consider the appropriateness of various trusts and distribution methods to your situation, as we seek to minimize estate taxes and generally reduce exposure to all taxing authorities. We will meet with our client’s attorneys on a proactive basis to discuss estate strategies, tax saving techniques and assist in the coordination of insurance, investment and retirement plan beneficiary designations in conjunction with estate plans and goals. Sheridan Road’s goal is to review protection techniques that might otherwise erode an estate. Our client’s will have the peace of mind is knowing that his/her intentions will be honored and loved ones protected. Trusts are essential in creating various strategies for accomplishing asset protection, estate planning, and privacy benefits. We work in conjunction with professionals who are experienced in sophisticated trust creation and administration.

Sheridan Road helps our clients develop asset distribution strategies from a multitude of trust or partnership structures.

Often, a vital component of proper estate planning involves the management of a family office and/or businesses, Revocable Living Trust, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, Crummey Trust, Credit Shelter Trust, Charitable Remainder Trust. Sheridan Road has the capacity to work with individuals and family offices to advise and facilitate on the sale of a business, recapitalization and buy sell agreements.